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Mind Habits


We all have mind habits creating the results we get in life. It is possible to become aware of such habits and choose what we think about. What we send out in thought returns to us amplified with the same energy.

Emotional Energies


Emotional energies often run our beliefs, choices, actions and reactions. Blocked emotions locate somewhere in the body and most definitely in our field. Learn where your emotions land.



Making changes to habitual, reflexive patterns requires a plan with  a mentor's feedback.  Create a course of action to choose the life path you dream about.

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Kathleen MacKenna, PT

In the evolution of 32 years of clinical practice, licensed physical therapist and certified yoga teacher, Kathleen MacKenna, bridges the western medical model with subtle energy technique including cranial sacral therapy, acupressure, tuning forks and yoga therapy.


Learning about the Human Condition

Physical problems are never strictly physical. When we hurt or feel blocked a cascade of emotional energy surges through our being. A healthy being rebalances energy naturally.  Stress, illness, unresolved emotions keep our subtle body from returning to health.


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Become your own best health advocate through the discovery of your strengths and weaknesses in the subtle energy body.

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Health Wisdom Approach

A personal history inventory generates a custom health program addressing mind, dietary, emotional, physical, exercise, sleep, and spiritual habits. Goals are co-created with the mentor based on the inventory

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During the month of May receive 3 visits for $200.00. Payment paid in full  at time of first visit.

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Empowered health is the source of abundance.

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